Its Values

CBH’s know-how is founded on its ability to track down the very best products in each category worldwide and promote them throughout trade and consumers on its territories. In each distribution channel, CBH’s goals are to build and develop strong references of quality, authenticity, originality and innovation.

CBH’s broad experience in building, marketing and distributing super premium spirits of international brands, makes it possible to propose a range of products which is perfectly adapted to their clients’ requirements and to accompany them in the optimization of their proposals on highly competitive markets.

The company is totally self-sufficient starting with importations through distribution to clients. Sales and marketing development and communication are also dealt with by CBH in order to convey an accurate image of each represented brand. The partner producers come from every region of the globe and are either recognized international labels or independent producers and like CBH their major incentive is top quality products.

Our goal is an excellent service to our clients. Our philosophy is quality products for responsible consumers.

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